Coach releases new Summer Apple Watch bands

Coach is a brand that has always been notoriously on-trend when it comes to handbags, shoes, wallets, sunglasses – you name it! – but one accessory they consistently hit out of the park? Their Apple Watch Bands: and this summer it's no different.

The brand has launched even more Apple Watch bands for the summer, and some of the old bands are even on sale!

The bands include the Strap with Tea Rose Appliqué in black. The new colors include the Strap with Prints in Deep Scarlet (red with star print). The Strap with Tea Rose Appliqué is a new band. (Haute Ecriture)

Some of the watch band names have also changed. For example, the Leather Strap with Tea Rose has changed to the Strap with Tea Rose.

Coach's Strap with Prints will cost $150, while the Tea Rose Appliqué sells for $175.

But hurry up if you want to get your hand on a band:

When Coach releases new bands they are usually available in limited quantities. There are 100 Strap with Prints bands available and 4 Strap with Tea Rose Appliqué bands available. Most of the stores on the list of where you can get a Coach Apple Watch band have them in stock. Sales associates at other stores can order them for you. (Haute Ecriture)

What do you think of the new summer Coach bands?

Are you a big fan of the designs of these new Apple Watch bands? Is there a particular Coach band design that you're absolutely in love with?

Let us know what you think down in the comments below!

Cella Lao Rousseau

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