Apple Watch emergency SOSSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple Watch appears to have potentially saved more lives.
  • This time it was two kayakers in Puerto Rico.
  • Their kayaks sank and they weren't wearing lifejackets .

Apple Watch already has a reputation for being instrumental in saving lives, and it appears that it's been at it again. This time it was two kayakers off the coast of Puerto Rico whose kayaks unfortunately sank. To make matters worse they didn't have any lifejackets. But one of them did have an Apple Watch.

After using the Emergency SOS feature to contact local emergency services, the Coast Guard (via 9to5Mac) and local police were deployed. The pair were then rescued via helicopter and rescue basket. Both men were lucky to survive the ordeal, especially considering the lack of lifejackets. But the whole rescue was possible thanks to Apple Watch.

"The kayakers are very fortunate to have survived," said Petty Officer 3rd Class Austin Hornbruch, an Air Station Borinquen aviation survival technician. "The survivors were able to use a smart watch to communicate with 911 and Coast Guard watchstanders. After their kayaks sank, they were treading water in unfavorable sea conditions due to not having lifejackets. We commend our Sector San Juan watchstanders and the Puerto Rico Police aircrew, who did an excellent job assisting our crew with the rescue effort."

The Emergency SOS feature makes it easy for wearers to contact emergency services via the Side button. Apple also added functionality to Apple Watch Series 5 that enables the feature to be used in most countries, regardless of the watch's origin.