Comic: Doing Your Work on an iPad

welp. good thing i have applecare.

a dead mac is an opportunity! to buy a new mac?

maybe you can do your work on an ipad! if i wanted to hate my life, i could switch to windows.

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  • True, except Windows doesn't try to trick you with dialogues to store all your stuff on the cloud. It does 99x10^99 tricks, but that ain't one. Edit: "Please use OneDrive" isn't the same as a setup dialogue that I have never seen someone use intentionally.
  • Windows is really just as bad with pushing their services. In fact, Windows 10 is the worst one yet. There are so many popups on a new copy of Windows 10 that it's like a spam website
  • This is so true! That's why we've had about 400 people turn in their iPads and switch to Windows 10 tablets or laptops over the last couple of years. They're just horrible. Practically unusable :)
  • The way the iPad works it does things quite differently, takes some time to get used to and generally a lot of people don't like change, works for some but not others. A lot of people have also found working on iPads to work well, so it comes down to a matter of preference
  • iPad and MacBooks have different usage, and it's kinda stupid to compare the two because even now, iPad ain't that advanced to compete with a MacBook. Windows are completely out of the question.