Compared: Jawbone UP move vs Jawbone UP2 vs Jawbone UP3

Since 2011, Jawbone has been one of the go-to fitness tracker brands for many people. They've narrowed things down for us with their three models: the UP move, UP2, and UP3.

Let's compare them to see what each one offers.

Jawbone UP move

The entry model, Jawbone's UP move is a versatile wearable that allows you to clip it to your hip or strap it to your wrist, depending on your preference or activity. It just slips in and out of the various rubber casings that Jawbone has to offer, though it comes with a clip and wristbands are extra.

Like all the UPs, the UP move comes with the free UP app, which helps you log all your fitness data and keep track of your goals. The UP move has a rather interesting interface, with its LED indicators that tell you the time (in analog format), progress toward your goals, and more.

Via the UP app, the UP move can help you log calories burned, food, sleep, steps, and other activities, which you can set in the app. You can tailor your UP move to fit your workout.

The UP move uses a replaceable coin cell battery and boasts a battery life of up to six months, so you don't have to plug it in to charge every night.

At $59.99, the UP move is a great fitness tracker for beginners and kids who are starting their fitness journey early.

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Jawbone UP2

The UP2 comes with all the features of the UP move except the time. For some (perhaps a bit strange) reason, neither the UP2 or UP3 tell you the time of day.

A neat feature that comes into play as you step UP the ladder (see what we did there?) is the Smart Alarm. You set a silent vibrating alarm to wake you in the morning and the smart alarm, through Automatic Sleep Detection, will identify the best moment in your sleep cycle to wake you within a customizable window of time, up to 30 minutes before your set alarm.

The UP2 brings Idle Alert into the fold, so that you can set a frequency and your UP2 will let you know when you've been on your duff for too long.

You won't have to constantly pull out your smartphone while working out because the UP2 provides notification and goal status alerts via the LED indicator.

Perhaps the best feature of the UP2 is its customization options. With two band styles and nine color options, your Jawbone can go where you go, be it to the gym or out on the town.

The Jawbone UP2 is $119.99, which isn't too bad, considering its features.

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Jawbone UP3

As we step UP (see, we did it again!), the UP3 has the same features as the UP2 and adds to them, with a heart rate monitor and Advanced Sleep Tracking, which uses the heart rate monitor to paint a more accurate picture of your sleep habits and health.

Like the UP2, the UP3 has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 7 days, compared to the UP2's 10.

It comes in six different colors, but in only one style of band, though it can still be quite stylish, depending on your taste. The Sand Twist option offers a white band with a gold-colored display and clasp. Very classy.

The price jump from UP2 to UP3 is quite stark, with the UP3 retailing for $199.99. 80 bucks basically gets you a heart rate monitor, so you may want to check out Garmin's Vivo Fitness line or the Fitbit Charge HR, for something a little less pricey with similar features.

That's not to discount the UP3, but its heart rate monitor only tracks resting and passive heart rates, so if you're wanting to see where you're at during your most intense workouts, you're outta luck.

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All the UPs

All the Jawbone UP models are water-resistant enough to be splash-proof and OK to wear in the shower, but Jawbone specifically states that they not be submerged, so leave your UP behind when you're swimming, just washing the dishes, or in the sauna.

Mick Symons

Mick is a staff writer who's as frugal as they come, so he always does extensive research (much to the exhaustion of his wife) before making a purchase. If it's not worth the price, Mick ain't buying.