Imac Pro ConceptSource: Khahn Design

What you need to know

  • A new concept imagines a new iMac Pro.
  • The creators show how an iMac Pro could be customized like a Mac Pro.

Reported by 9to5Mac, a new concept from Khahn Design Experience imagines how Apple could use some of the elements of the Pro Display XDR and Mac Pro to create an incredibly capable new iMac Pro.

In the video description, the creators talk about how they imagined bringing some of the custom configuration that the Mac Pro enjoys, such as upgradeable hard drives, memory, and video cards, to the iMac Pro.

In this iMac concept, we used some design elements about the Apple XDR Display and about the Apple Mac Pro. We imagined what it would be like if the iMac could be upgraded with SSD, RAM or even multiple Video Cards after we bought it. This device follows the same size of the apple high-end display, but with a cheaper stand and body version and there is an opener on both side which follows the Mac Pro open solution.

Imac Pro Concept BlowoutSource: Khahn Design

The video shows off how, by building a thicker display, the iMac Pro could be customized and allow users to switch out components like they can with the current Mac Pro. It also features a similar stand to the Pro XDR

You can check out the video of the iMac Pro concept below or read more about the concept at the Khahn design website.