Iphone 13 Always On ConceptSource: Matt Birchler

What you need to know

  • Matt Birchler has created a great concept showing how Apple could bring an always-on display to iPhone 13.
  • Widgets on the Home screen with privacy considerations look pretty great.

Apple is rumored to be bringing an always-on display to iPhone 13 and that opens up all kinds of possibilities. Whether it's Apple Watch-like complications or iPhone-like widgets, having information available even when an iPhone is locked is something I'm absolutely here for. And this concept has me jazzed even more.

Created by Matt Birchler and posted to YouTube, this concept shows how Apple could take its iOS 14 Home screen widgets and bring them to the always-on display. And yes, considerations are made to making sure private information isn't displayed when the device is locked, too.

Check it out.

Apps like email, calendar, and messaging apps could display information like the number of unread messages or upcoming appointments – ensuring data stays private when a device is locked. And who knows, maybe that information could become more revealing once Face ID detects you're looking.

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The idea of an always-on display isn't new, of course. Android devices have been offering the same feature for years and it's super awesome. Apple already offers an always-on feature on its latest Apple Watches and the idea of it coming to iPhone 13 is pretty sweet. If Apple didn't change anything else, an always-on screen alone would make iPhone 13 an instant cop for me.

Apple is likely to announce its next round of iPhones in or around September or October and we're likely to see plenty of rumors before that comes around. Apple will likely announce iOS 15 during a WWDC event in June as well so we might get more ideas from that, too.