Imac Concept ImageSource: Daniel Bautista

What you need to know

  • A new iMac concept has popped up on Behance.
  • It turns the iMac's base into a wireless charger for your iPhone.
  • There are some new accessories, too.

We might have just seen a newly refreshed iMac arrive yesterday, but we're still hopeful of a completely redesigned version coming at some point relatively soon. When that happens, we can only hope that it's anything near as gorgeous as this concept. Because it's stunning.

Created by Daniel Bautista and shared to Behance as spotted by 9to5Mac, the concept shows us an iMac that looks like an oversized iPad Pro – and I'm absolutely here for it. But it isn't just about looks, there are some usable features here, too. Those start with the wireless charging pad built into the stand and move on to some new accessories.

The main goal of this project is to imagine what the next step of the iMac product line could look like. The iMac's design despite of being iconic, needs to be refreshed to be consistent with Apple's new products. Many users want a design with an edge-to-edge screen similar to devices like the iPhone X and the iPad Pro.

Imac Concept Image from belowSource: Daniel Bautista

The addition of a new backlit Magic Keyboard is undoubtedly one that I'd welcome and the same goes for a Magic Mouse that features wireless charging. No more flipping the thing over to plug a Lightning cable in!

You can check out more images showing Bautista's idea for an all-new Mac over on Behance. and you really should. I'll be a very happy man indeed if this concept is anything like what the next iMac looks like.