Confession time: What's the oldest iOS device you're still using?

iPhone 4s
iPhone 4s (Image credit: iMore)

Everyone has that one piece of tech that they can't really let go of, regardless of how truly ancient it is.

With all the stellar gadgets and gizmos that Apple has put out in the last few years, we have to wonder: is there an older techy toy in your arsenal that you can't seem to part with?

What's the oldest iOS product you still use daily?


I use an iPad3. We still have an OG iPad, though, that my youngest son (3) uses occasionally for games. That OG iPad has been thrown, dropped, drooled on and so much more and is nearly indestructible, I'm convinced. My 3-year old is the 3rd boy to play on it. I got it and used it regularly when it first came out, but when our first son came along, it quickly became a 'kids' device'.


Hmm... my 2013 rMBP.


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