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Confession time: What's the oldest iOS device you're still using?

iPhone 4s
iPhone 4s (Image credit: iMore)

Everyone has that one piece of tech that they can't really let go of, regardless of how truly ancient it is.

With all the stellar gadgets and gizmos that Apple has put out in the last few years, we have to wonder: is there an older techy toy in your arsenal that you can't seem to part with?

What's the oldest iOS product you still use daily?


I use an iPad3. We still have an OG iPad, though, that my youngest son (3) uses occasionally for games. That OG iPad has been thrown, dropped, drooled on and so much more and is nearly indestructible, I'm convinced. My 3-year old is the 3rd boy to play on it. I got it and used it regularly when it first came out, but when our first son came along, it quickly became a 'kids' device'.


Hmm... my 2013 rMBP.


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  • iOS device I'm rocking and iPhone 7+ and an iPad 2017 model. My watch is Series 0 The older device I have from apple is my 2012 MacBook Pro. Its used as a server so it almost looks brand new after so many years.
  • The first two you named aren't even old. You just wanted to tell us you had those. 😴😴😴
  • I still use a 4th Gen Nano every now and then
  • I have an iPad2 that sees occasional use still.
  • I'm using a 2012 MacBook Pro along with a iPhone 5s
  • It would be my iPod classic if the hard drive didn't give out and Apple say "you're out of luck". Those were the best for large media libraries.
  • I have an iPod 4th gen, still working well, have an iPad4, well wife uses that one.
  • "2013 rMBP" that's not iOS? I have a 2nd gen iPad I use every now and then. More so for older apps that won't get upgraded, since the iPad 2 can only do iOS 9 anyways.
  • 2012 Mac Mini Quad Core (#ALLDAYERDAY), 2011 MacBook Pro (regularly) and iPhone 5 (Semi-regular basis). Regularly 7+ and iPad Mini 4.
  • I've had every iPhone, and iPad model to date, so far. My original iPhone is the only one that has died. My 3G is still in use as a book reading device, and my 4 is still in use as a media player in my car.
    All my other iOS devices went to other homes, where they're still in use by others.