Conman selling sealed iPhone boxes in the UK containing potatos

A conman is ripping off unsuspecting members of the public who are looking to pick up an iPhone, iPad or other Apple products. The conman is operating in the East Yorkshire area of the United Kingdom and claims to be selling Apple's latest products at much reduced prices. The fraudster is approaching potential victims in the street and in exchange for an undisclosed amount of cash, the victim receives a sealed iPhone 4S or iPad package. Only after the conman has fled do they open the box to discover the most expensive potato or water bottle they have ever bought.

Detective Sergeant Darren Rose, of the Priority Crime Team in Hull, said: “If a deal appears to be too good to be true, the chances are it is. “Our advice is simple – if you want to purchase high-value property, such as laptops and high specification mobile telephones, go to a legitimate dealer and do not enter into deals with strangers on the street.” Humberside Police say the man approaches members of the public at random in the street, offering to sell them iPhones.

Common sense should prevail in situations like this however the idea of picking up an iPhone or iPad for a bargain price is hard for some people to resist. Unfortunately this is exactly why these scams become successful. With any purchases of products outside of a retail environment it always makes sense to at least see the actual product you are buying and see it in operation before parting with any money. Even then there is still a huge risk as you have no warranty and no idea of the origin of the products.

Source: Hull and East Riding


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