Control your favorite HomeKit devices and scenes with the new Eve Button

Today, smart home device and accessory manufacturer Elgato announced the latest addition to its line of HomeKit-enabled tech at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Called Eve Button, the "practical and elegant" controller allows you to manage all your favorite HomeKit scenes and devices by simply pushing a button — a great option for those who don't carry their phone around their house 24/7 or those who cannot/prefer not to issue voice commands.

To use Eve Button, all you need to do is take a few minutes to install the device via either Apple's Home app or the Eve app — no bridge configuration or third-party cloud service necessary. After set-up is complete, you can use it to individually control up to three HomeKit scenes by doing either a single, double, or long press on the top of the device. What's more, assigning accessories and actions (and their durations) to the types of press is incredibly easy, and can all be done within Home.

In addition to Eve Button, Elgato also announced that in March it will launch the newest iteration of its Eve Room — an indoor sensor with HomeKit technology that tracks air quality, temperature and humidity. The new Eve Room uses the latest sensor technology from Swiss manufacturer Sensirion and has all the beloved features of the original, as well as boasting cool new features like an E-Ink display that allows you to view your data without using your phone and a built-in battery that can be charged using any USB power source. And, like all Eve products, it works right out of the box, no hubs or bridges required.

Markus Fest, CEO of Elgato, lauded Eve Room's convenience and precision in a statement:

The new Eve Room is another example of Elgato taking HomeKit accessories to the next level. Not only is Eve Room more convenient because of its E-Ink display and sleek, wireless design, but it also has greater accuracy thanks to Sensirion's latest generation sensor technology.

If you're interested in adding Eve Button to your HomeKit setup, you can pre-order one now by heading to either Amazon or the Elgato website (or, later this month, Apple's website). The controller is priced at $49.95. The new Eve Room will be available for purchase in March (from the same retailers) for $99.95.

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Are you going to invest in a shiny new Eve Button? Tell us what you think of Elgato's new products in the comments!

Tory Foulk

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