Coppice Big Sur ScreenshotSource: M Cubed Software

What you need to know

  • Coppice is a new Mac app designed to give you somewhere to put your thoughts.
  • The app also makes it easier to link those thoughts together to find the connections between them.

Having tons of thoughts is a gift and a curse so having somewhere to organize them while keeping them private can be vital. Coppice, a new Mac app from M Cubed Software, is built to do exactly that and after 16 months of work, it's ready to go complete with macOS Big Sur and Apple silicon support.

Coppice is a difficult one to describe, but the gist is that the app wants you to fill it with your thoughts – no matter what they're about, it doesn't really matter – and then use the ability to link them together as a mechanism for finding commonalities and connections.

To do that, Coppice uses Canvases that are the bucket that you put thoughts into. Those thoughts live on Pages that can then be linked to each other for later navigation and that's where the power lies. Links in turn create branches between Pages, giving you a mindmap-type view. And it looks lovely as it does it.

Coppice Big Sur ScreenshotSource: M Cubed Software

When you combine Pages, Canvases, and Links, you can see your thoughts branching out. Clicking a link will show the relationship between those Pages on the Canvas.

Coppice has a great memory too. If you close a branch, Coppice will remember all the pages that were opened and how you arranged them, meaning that entire trains of thought are always just a click away.

Sounds promising! Even better, Coppice itself is free while an annual $19.99 subscription unlocks Coppice Pro. It looks like it could be worth every penny, too.

You'll get:

Unlimited Canvases

Unlocking Coppice Pro allows you create an unlimited number of Canvases in each document, letting you make sense of your thoughts from many different angles.

Folders for your Pages

Over time your documents will grow to contain many Pages. Coppice Pro can help you keep your sidebar organized by grouping pages into Folders.

Automatic Page linking This is a biggie!

Thoughts and ideas don't live in isolation. Upgrade to Pro and Coppice can help you connect your thoughts by automatically linking pages for you.

Why not check out the Coppice website and take the app for a spin?