Coronavirus advice added to UK App Store

App Store on iPhone
App Store on iPhone (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple has added government coronavirus advice to the UK app Store
  • It gives users a direct link to guidance from the UK's Chief Medical Officer.
  • The move is a rare and unique alteration from Apple in these unprecedented times.

Apple has added UK government coronavirus advice to the home of its UK App Store.

UK App Store users, on opening the App Store, are now greeted with the following:

Corona App Store

Corona App Store (Image credit: iMore)

As reported by MacRumors, tapping on the card takes users to a link to the NHS app, as well as a video from the UK's Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty, with the following message:

To help save lives, stay at home. Anyone can spread coronavirus. You should now only go out when absolutely necessary, for food, medicine, work, or exercise. Always try to stay two meters apart. Do not meet others outside your household – even friends and family.Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives

It's normally pretty rare for Apple to interrupt its App Store experience in this way, but these are unprecedented times we live in. The report notes that Apple started displaying similar announcements from the White House in the U.S. on the App Store from March 21.

Apple has also stated that it is reviewing all coronavirus related app store submissions to ensure that information is reputable and from recognized organizations to prevent the spread of misinformation and panic.

Apple has recently also introduced coronavirus information to its virtual assistant Siri. Users can now ask Siri whether they have coronavirus, receiving information regarding symptoms and precautionary measures such as washing hands and avoiding close contact with people outside of your household.

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