Apple watch Apple PaySource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Costa Rican bank BAC Credomatic is reportedly testing Apple Pay support.
  • Both Visa and Mastercard support is expected to be enabled.
  • While no customer has been able to use the feature, it's now being tested in-house..

Apple Pay is one step closer to coming to Costa Rica with a new report noting that BAC Credomatic will soon support both Visa and Mastercard cards.

According to a new 9to5Mac report, a source has confirmed to them that BAC Credomatic is currently testing Apple Pay support for both Visa and Mastercard, but that no customer has been given access to the feature as yet.

Notably, the latest BAC Credomatic app update includes mention of Apple Wallet support, suggesting an Apple Pay launch might not be too far off.

According to one of the software engineers working there, Visa and Mastercard will be two types of cards accepted for now. Feature hasn't been enabled for customers.

The same report also notes that South America could be getting additional Apple Pay support, with Chile's Itaú bank thought to be readying a launch of its own.

With Apple Pay enabled bank customers can make contactless payments using their iPhones and Apple Watches, while online payments are also possible on iPads and Macs, too. Contactless payments have seemingly become more common amid the COVID-19 pandemic — with the UK going so far as to increase the maximum spend available to people paying via contactless methods to allow more transactions to be processed that way.

Apple Pay is perhaps one of the best Apple Watch features around, even if I do feel a bit silly using it!