Growrilla Four Iphone ScreenshotsSource: Hoye Lam

What you need to know

  • Counting how many times you did something makes you more accountable – and it just makes it easier to track stuff, too.
  • Some habit-tracking apps expect you to do something daily. Growrilla knows some things aren't done every day/

The App Store is far from short on habit tracking apps. But most of them expect you to track something daily or at a set interval. Growrilla works differently by simply counting the you did something and then offering up stats based on the number of times you did it.

On the face of it, it's a simple concept. But it's something that few apps actually offer and Growrill is one of the ones that does. It managed to look pretty great while it does it as well!

Most people do not track how many times they've done something. Even then, they use notes or other mobile apps that are not built for it. Also, you don't have to do something every day just to count.

Growrilla solves this problem. Growrilla is built on the idea of counting things you've done. Going to the gym between two and four times each week? With Growrilla, you will know how many times you've gone in the past weeks, months, and even years.

You can view stats and charts based on the data you collect, too.

You can download Growrilla for free from the App Store now. There are in-app purchases available for those who want to unlock additional features as well.

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