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What you need to know

  • There are now 100 million Apple Watch users.
  • About 30% of iPhone users in the United States are buying an Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch continues its worldwide domination of the smartwatch industry, according to new data from Counterpoint Research.

Senior Analyst Sujeong Lim said that, according to the firm's research, the attach rate of an Apple Watch to an iPhone is now as high as 30% in some countries. Their analytics also estimated that Apple has officially crossed the 100 million mark with its Apple Watch user base.

"The smartwatch attach-rates for smartphones have been steadily rising. Apple's ecosystem is seeing a greater attach rate as the brand continues to bake in attractive designs, health features and related services around it. Apple Watch's user base crossed the 100-million mark for the first time during the quarter ended June, capturing the lion's share of the smartwatch user base globally. The US continues to be the key Apple Watch market, contributing to more than half of its user base, with an attach rate of close to 30%."

Counterpoint Research Apple Watch AugustSource: Counterpoint Research

In addition, Lim said that many of the features that the Apple Watch made popular are now coming to other brand's smartwatches are more competitive prices.

"Looking at the success of Apple Watch, more OEMs have entered the smartwatch market with a relatively less advanced OS but comparable fitness and health-related features, and stylish designs at affordable prices targeting hundreds of millions of potential users globally. The pandemic has further pushed consumers towards being more health-conscious and features such as SPO2 and heart rate monitoring have trickled down to the sub-$100 smartwatch segment. The sub-$100 smartwatch segment grew a massive 547% annually, highlighting its mass-market reach."

Apple is expected to release a new Apple Watch Series 7 at a virtual event this fall. The latest Apple Watch is expected to come with a new design, larger display, and potentially some new health features.

Health and wellness

Apple Watch Series 6 Blue Aluminum

Apple Watch Series 6

Powerful health and wellness device

Adding a blood oxygen sensor and always-on altimeter doesn't seem like a big upgrade, but when paired with everything else the Apple Watch does, this is the most significant upgrade since the Series 4.

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