Cozy Grove's 2.0 Summer update features new quests, features, and events

Cozy Grove 2.0 Update
Cozy Grove 2.0 Update (Image credit: Spry Fox)

What you need to know

  • Cozy Grove is a simulation game about helping a spirit scout assist spirits on a haunted island paradise.
  • The developer, Spry Fox, has announced that the 2.0 summer update for the game is now live.
  • The update includes all new quests and rewards, activities such as critter catching, new events and much more.

Spry Fox, the developer behind the critically acclaimed simulation game, Cozy Grove, has recently announced that the 2.0 summer update for Cozy Grove is now live. The team has spent countless hours honing their skills and polishing the game even after its release on April 8 on systems such as the Nintendo Switch, with feedback coming from all over the internet, including Discord and Reddit. The developers have been listening, and are constantly working to improve the player experience, through quality-of-life changes such as increasing items stack size limits, balancing certain quest difficulties, and increasing player storage.

The 2.0 update has brought with it even more content, including:

  • Critter catching
  • Stone skipping
  • New decorations, clothing items, and photo standees
  • The ability to hug bears (!!)
  • New quests and rewards
  • All-new music
  • And a secret summer event beginning in July

The game has been loved by both critics and fans since launch, as it has provided a calming experience for many in an especially stressful time. Many of its fans have regarded it as one of the best games and indie experiences on the Nintendo Switch.

How has your experience with Cozy Grove been? Are you excited to skip stones and hug bears? Let us know in the comments!

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