Crabs and Penguins for iPhone by Coca-Cola review

Crabs and Penguins is a new game by Coca-Cola where you play the role of Hero Crab and guide him from a tropical paradise through a journey through the ocean involving sharks, sunken pirate ships, freezing water, and other dangers. During this journey, Hero Crab has a soccer ball with him and his goal is to return it to the penguins in the North. To show their gratitude, the penguins present Hero Crab with a Coca-Cola bottle to ride during his journey back home.

To play Crabs and Penguins, you have two controls: the button on the left makes Hero Crab jump (jump twice to go extra high and float down) and the button on the right makes him dive. In addition to dodging sharks, birds, and other mean creatures and obstacles with the goal of making it through the level alive, your other goal is to collect as many tokens as possible. Each level also has a Coca-Coca bottle cap hidden somewhere. Can you find them all?

Crabs and Penguins is a side-scrolling platformer, but you often times have more than one choice when progressing through a level. Sometimes you can choose to dive underwater or explore above the waters. Crabs and Penguins also has a 3D layered world where if you take the right path, you may jump closer or farther in the world. These choices are usually more difficult but offer more tokens.

The graphics of Crabs and Penguins are really great. Everything looks awesome and the mini movies after some levels look amazing. I am really impressed with Crabs and Penguins and applaud Coca-Cola not only for making a fun game, but for keeping the branding down to a minimum. When I first heard the Coca-Cola was releasing a free game, I immediately imagined an overwhelming amount of Coca-Cola symbols all over my iPhone's screen. That is not even close to the case. There is the one bottle cap per level and even the bottle that Hero Crab rides during the second half of the game isn't labeled as Coca-Cola. Sure, it has a red cap, but "Coca-Cola" isn't screaming in my face.

The good

  • Awesome graphics
  • Often times many different "routes" available
  • Fun
  • Addicting
  • Although short, will keep you coming back for more
  • Very little Coca-Cola branding

The bad

  • Short game

The bottom line

Crabs and Penguins is a very fun and challenging game by Coca-Cola. Although it's a short game with only six levels, it is not easy to get good scores so you can get a lot of joy out of playing each level multiple times. There is also the fact that many levels actually have two different approaches (underwater or above water) making it so that those levels are almost like having two levels. Not to mention -- it's free!

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Leanna Lofte

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