Crew On IpadSource: Daniel James Tronca

What you need to know

  • Stack Overflow is a great resource for developers and now they can enjoy all of that knowledge in the palm of their hand.

Stack Overflow is a great resource that's heavily used by app and web developers around the world, but using it on an iPhone or iPad is less than ideal. Safari is pretty great, but native apps are almost always a better experience. Enter Crew, an app that makes Stack Overflow into something other than a website.

Crew isn't just an app, though. It's been designed with iOS guidelines in mind, making it look and feel every bit the native iPhone and iPad experience in a way the Stack Overflow website just can't match.

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Crew Questions On IpadSource: Daniel James Tronca

Crew is a beautiful StackOverflow app built for fast navigation with powerful set of features. The delightful interface is coupled with extensive features that feel part on your device, whilst elevating your Stack Overflow experience.

It's created specifically with iOS design guidelines in mind, so it fits right at home on your device.

Whether you're commenting, posting, or just browsing, Crew has a ton of features that will make your Stack Overflow experience better than it was yesterday. Including powerful filters.

Features include:

  • Trends and search support
  • All questions,answers and comments from Stack Overflow in your hands.
  • Search support
  • Rich rendering of questions
  • Dark mode
  • Beautiful iOS centric Ui
  • Universal app for iPhone and iPad.
  • Compose question with real time previews.
  • Powerful question filters (month, week, votes and more)

You can download Crew from the App Store right now. It won't cost you a penny and there are no ads to speak of.

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