Create custom wallpapers with Lock Screen Designer for iPhone

Lock Screen Designer is a great little app for creating custom wallpapers for you lock screen. It's filled with skins, frames, and decorations that you can combine with photos to create something that reflects you.

One of the disadvantages to the iPhone is that Apple doesn't allow much personalization to the look, but a couple of areas that they do permit such customization is with the home screen background and lock screen. Lock Screen Designer will help you make the latter truly unique.

To create your lock screen, first choose a skin, which is the background of your design. You can do this by scrolling through them one at a time, or you can pick from the thumbnail view. Then you choose a frame and add a photo and decoration if you wish. Included with the decorations are sticky notes with customizable text and calendars. When complete, you save the image to your Camera Roll and assign it as your lock screen wallpaper.

The paid version of Lock Screen Designer includes additional skins, frames and decorations (including calendars) that can be downloaded from inside the app.

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