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What you need to know

  • British man Jay Dixon was wearing an Apple Watch when he was knocked off his bicycle by a car.
  • The man's Apple Watch immediately called emergency services.

British man Jay Dixon says that he might not be alive today if his Apple Watch hadn't called emergency services after he was knocked off his bicycle by a car.

Local reports say that the Cleethorpes man was riding when "a car drove straight into him, catapulting him into the air." After he hit the floor the man's Apple Watch called emergency services as well as his partner.

Jay Dixon HospitalSource: Jay Dixon

"I kept trying to get up, but I just couldn't manage it, I was incredibly lucky. If I'd have collided with the car a few more inches to the right I think I would be dead."

He said: "When I fell, my watch sent out an emergency signal to the emergency services and my partner.

"It had detected I'd taken a fall and sent my exact location to both parties. It tells you exactly what's happened and my partner was there within 15 minutes."

Apple Watches, including the new Apple Watch Series 7, detect when a wearer has fallen and doesn't move for a minute, the call to emergency services is initiated and location data is transmitted to dispatchers. It's a feature that has been shown to save lives countless times and Apple is reportedly looking to expand it to car crashes, too.

Fall detection is one of the best Apple Watch features that a ton of people forget exists but could come in more than handy at some point. Thankfully this instance left Dixon with "mainly cuts and bruises" and nothing more serious.