How to use Cydia, the Jailbreak App Store

Apple has the App Store, jailbreakers have the Cydia Store in addition to the default App Store. And if you want to be technical, Cydia was THE first App Store. It was available with iOS 1.x and allowed jailbreakers to download apps before the App Store even existed. Those who jailbroke their first generation iPhones on 1.x have seen several jailbreak ideas and concepts become parts of iOS. We would mention the other Jailbreak App Store, Rock, but seeing as Cydia acquired Rock, there's probably no point now.

Another term you may hear when it comes to Cydia is repos, or repositories. These are simply sources you add in the manage section. ModMyi and BigBoss are two of the largest. They are already added when you install Cydia. You are always welcome to add custom repos if you choose. I highly advise only adding repos from trusted sources. If you have a weird feeling about adding it, I'd probably pass.

For more information, check out our Jailbreak Starters Guide, and if you have any questions, get help in our Jailbreak Apps Forum.

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  • Well done. Thank you. : )
  • Not to nitpick, but Cydia wasn't the first app store. That goes to the now defunct Installer. Cydia didn't come into being until the 2.x days.
  • Installer was definately first. Seems like Allyson got too excited since they let her 'cover' something other than IPhone ornaments...
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  • Anyone know of an app for a non jail broken iPhone that would let you record, similar to what was used to demo in the video?
  • Actualy the installer app was the first app store.
  • @Bryandung **** ^
  • thank you now when I jailbreak for friends I can just link them this
    Thank you
  • You didn't mention paying for jailbreak apps. Before you can purchase apps in Cydia you are required to give them access to your flail contact list.
    That's why I restored my phone.
  • I need to download cydia and install it in my iphone
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  • Not the answer I was looking for! My little brother is able to download and app available in the phones app store for free. This is what I was asking for..
  • i cant download any apps theres barleyany and i clicked on one and it sed cannot locate package idk how to work this and that video duznt help at all