Don't need a fancy [location-based Reminder] in iOS 5 and just want it to tell you what time your task is due? No problem, time-based Reminders are perfect for those who care more about the when than the where, and couldn't be any easier to set up.

Start by launching the Reminders app.

  1. Tap the + sign in the upper right corner to add a reminder.
  2. After you add the reminder, click Done in the upper right hand corner. Or just clicking Return on the keyboard will complete the reminder as well.
  3. Next tap on the reminder you just created in order to enter the settings for it. By default reminders won't notify you and function like a checklist of sorts. To change that, tap on the Remind Me option.
  4. You'll have two options to set a notification. On a Day or At a Location. Since we want to set a time based reminder, select the On a Day option.
  5. Simply select the date and time you'd like to be reminded and click Done in the upper right hand corner.

That's it! The Reminders app will now send you a push notification at the time you specified very similar to how the Calendar app already displays notifications for events. I've found myself using the built-in reminders app a lot more than any of the third party apps I used before due to the simplicity and syncing with iCal on all my Macs. Will you guys be using Reminders going forward or will you stick with whatever third party task app you used prior to iOS 5?

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