Installed iOS 5 and the brand new Reminders app that comes built-in, and wondering how to create one of those fancy new location-based Reminders. Luckily, once you're inside the Reminders app it's dead simple to add a task. From there it's super simple to add a location based reminder.

Note: Location based Reminders only work with Lists that are

  1. First tap into the Reminders app and click the + sign in the upper right hand corner to add a new reminder (or you can simply use an existing reminder and add a location to it).
  2. By default the Reminders app just functions as a checklist of sorts with no default reminder time. To change this, tap into the reminder you just created or an already existing reminder.
  3. Under the reminder name tap into Remind Me.
  4. From there you have two reminder options - On a Day or At a Location. In this instance, you'll want to toggle At a Location to On.
  5. You can choose to have that reminder set for your current location or you can tap in and use any address you'd like.
  6. Once that's done you can choose whether you want the reminder to notify you when you leave or when you arrive at the location you specified in the previous step.
  7. Tap Done in the upper right hand corner and you're good to go!

When you arrive or leave the location you specified, you should receive a push notification.

Now, in my experience location based reminders seem to cause a bit of battery drain considering location services has to check consistently for your position. Keep that in mind and use time based Reminders when you can instead.

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