On iOS 5 with the nifty new Reminders app and wondering hot to set up a a few Lists to keep yourself a better organized? Reminders makes it dead simple to do this and it'll sync all your lists across all your iOS devices and Macs.

To create a new list in reminders you'll need to perform the following steps -

  1. Tap into the Reminders app and click the list button in the upper left hand corner of the app. It looks like three white lines.
  2. Once inside Lists you'll see all your already existing lists. Tap Edit in the upper right hand corner and you'll have the option to delete existing lists as well as a new option at the bottom for creating new lists.
  3. Simply tap Create New List... and type in the name of your new list and hit Done. You can also drag lists up and down to order them however you'd like.
  4. After you've created your list you can go to any existing reminder and tap into it. You'll now see a Show More... option that may not have been there previously. Tap it.
  5. Under List you'll now be able to categorize all your reminders in lists. This makes it much easier when sorting and viewing your reminders.

You can create as many (or as few) lists as you like to organize all your tasks. When your lists are synced to any Mac computers, they'll be sorted by colors as well to make for easy viewing. Your lists will now be synchronized to all your iOS devices for even more organizational goodness!

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