Wondering how to re-open a recently closed tab on iOS 5 Safari for iPad? When Apple released iOS 5, it included some nice new updates to mobile Safari, especially on the iPad. One of the best features on the iPad is tabbed browsing, it makes opening and using multiple web pages a breeze. What happens if you accidentally close one of them down and need to quickly open it back up again? Well there is a way to it very easily. We will show you how.

  • Open up Mobile Safari
  • Look to the far left of the screen about an a half inch down from the toolbar
  • There should be a + sign

  • Hold your finger down on the plus sign and a box will open up

  • The box now shows a list of the web pages that you recently had open and its scrollable
  • Click on the one you want to re-open and there you go
  • That’s it, you are done

An easy tip and one that has been kept a little quiet!

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