DAIS brings a new way to charge your Apple Watch and keep its bands safe

BloxMade is looking to change the way you charge and store your Apple Watch and its bands. There are already a number of Apple Watch stands and charging docks that are available, and they all work well for the watch itself, but what about the bands? DAIS is looking to solve that problem, and the company behind it is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter to bring the project to life.

The idea behind DAIS is simple, you'll have a stand where the watch itself goes, and you'll your existing Apple Watch charger, which fits perfectly into the machined cutout. You can charge it vertically, or horizontally in case you want to use Nighstand Mode. For storing your bands, there are tree-like pieces that have areas where you'll insert the bands that are not in use. Currently, BloxMade is offering a stand that can hold two additional watch bands, as well as one that will be able to hold four bands.

As part of its campaign, BloxMade is offering the stand with storage for two watch bands for $79, and the one with storage for four bands will run $109. You can back the campaign and find out more about it at the link below.

Back the DAIS Apple Watch charger and stand on Kickstarter

Jared DiPane

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