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Weather Line is one of those fantastically minimalist apps that make checking the weather forecast a real treat. Most of the screen encompasses a visual graph of the current and upcoming conditions with bits of stats at the bottom. You can quickly scan the graph for the day, week, and even monthly average weather conditions.

Off Coast recently updated Weather Line with a few additional features to iPhone X and the Plus line of iPhones. The extra screen space makes it possible to add rain and cloud cover data so you can get a bit more detailed info without interfering with the simplicity of the screen.

The point of Weather Line is to present everything you need to know on one screen. No scrolling, no swiping, no tapping. It's all presented right on your iPhone screen so you can get all of the data at a glance.

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There's also a nice Lock screen widget that gives you that same beautiful graph right on your Lock screen. You can keep it simple with a straight line showing the hourly forecast, or Show More to see the full graph.

Weather Line is powered by Dark Sky, which is a fan favorite with the iMore Crew. It is known for its pinpoint accuracy for predicting up-to-the-minute weather conditions. If you're going for a walk in 15 minutes, you'll know whether to expect a bit of rainfall on your walk.

Weather Line costs $3.99 and is available in the App Store for iPhones running iOS 10 and later.

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