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What you need to know

  • Darkroom now makes it easier to keep your best photos and get rid of the bad ones.
  • Batch image processing has also been improved.

Popular image editing app Darkroom has received a big new update that adds support for flagging and rejecting images plus much more. The app was already one of the best photo editing apps for iPad and now it's even better.

Available as part of the Darkroom 5.2 update, the new library management feature is undoubtedly the biggest addition here. Darkroom now makes it easier to flag and reject images that either meet your standards or need to be deleted with keyboard support thrown in for good measure.

You already know that editing photos can be fun. Getting to the right photo and knowing which one to edit however, can feel like work.

Today we're taking a big step forward to making all this fun & super fast with a new workflow to cull and review your photos: Flag your highlights, and Reject the bad ones. When you make one of those choices, we'll automatically advance you to the next photo so you can get in a ~flow state~ and zoom through your latest batch of imports in no time.

Continuing the theme, Darkroom 5.2 also works on the batch processing features already available by making them more powerful.

Batch actions are becoming more powerful and more useful, so we added a new gesture to let you start selecting photos much more efficiently. Now, you can just horizontally swipe on any image to start selecting.

The visual design also gets a refresh, keeping it in line with the iPad & Mac, and because we had to fit two new actions, we decided to make the Actions bar scrollable, so everything can breathe a little.

You can read about all the other changes and improvements in the App Store. Darkroom is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac and is free with in-app purchases available.

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