Dash API Docs is the reference every developer needs

Developers need to know APIs, and Dash API Docs aims to bring them all into one place. Without knowing the APIs, it's incredibly hard to accomplish anything. But figuring out which API is going to do the thing you need it to do can be difficult task. So that's where the new app Dash API docs comes into play, bundling together the documentation for not one, not two, but 150 API documentations in one place.

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So just what APIs does Dash API Docs have in their database? All of these:

iOS, OS X, Swift, .NET Framework, ActionScript, Akka, Android, AngularJS, Angular.dart, Ansible, Apache, Appcelerator Titanium, AppleScript, Arduino, Backbone, Bash, Boost, Bootstrap, Bourbon, Bourbon Neat, C, C++, CakePHP, Cappuccino, Chai, Chef, Clojure, CMake, Cocos2D, Cocos2D-X, CodeIgniter, CoffeeScript, ColdFusion, Common Lisp, Compass, Cordova, Corona, CSS, D3.js, Dart, Django, Dojo Toolkit, Drupal, ElasticSearch, Elixir, Emacs Lisp, Ember.js, Emmet.io, Erlang, Express.js, Expression Engine, ExtJS, Flask, Font Awesome, Foundation, GLib, Go, Grails, Groovy, Grunt, Haml, Haskell, HTML, Jade, Jasmine, Java SE, Java EE, JavaFX, JavaScript, Joomla, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, jQuery UI, Knockout.js, Kobold2D, Laravel, LaTeX, Less, Lo-Dash, Lua, Marionette.js, Meteor, MomentJS, MongoDB, Mongoose, Mono, MooTools, MySQL, Nginx, Node.js, NumPy, OCaml, OpenCV, OpenGL, Perl, PhoneGap, PHP, PHPUnit, Play Framework, Polymer.dart, PostgreSQL, Processing.org, Prototype, Puppet, Python, Qt, R, Redis, RequireJS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Rust, Sass, SaltStack, Scala, SciPy, Sencha Touch, Sinon, Smarty, Sparrow, Spring Framework, SproutCore, SQLAlchemy, SQLite, Statamic, Stylus, SVG, Symfony, Tcl, Tornado, Twig, Twisted, TYPO3, Underscore.js, Unity 3D, Vagrant, Vim, VMware vSphere, WordPress, Xamarin, Xojo, XSLT, XUL, Yii, YUI, Zend Framework, Zepto.js.

And while a list of the APIs is a great start, Dash API Docs also is built with fuzzy search so incorrectly-typed queries don't return useless results. Compatible with iPhone and iPad, Dash API Docs at $9.99 is a no-brainer purchase for developers beginning and expert.

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