Dashlane 3 released for Mac with new sharing center, redesigned UI and more

Dashlane is one of our favorite apps for managing passwords on iPhone and iPad. Though Dashlane goes above storing passwords, it is also capable of storing web logins, credit card information, profiles and much more. Dashlane has just announced the availability of Dashlane 3 for Mac and PC, a new release that's been enhanced for teams and families.

What's new with Dashlane (www.dashlane.com for your desktop? Tons of new features. Here's what you get with today's release of Dashlane 3:

  • New: A New Sharing Center in the main menu. Easily and securely share passwords and notes with other users. Manage shared items and access levels. Updates to shared items sync automatically between users.
  • New: Add Emergency Contacts Make sure essential passwords can be temporarily accessed by co-workers or loved ones in case of emergency.
  • New: A complete redesign and enhanced UI.
  • New: Added a "View Password History" setting, so you can keep track of old passwords. Available under Tools > Password History.
  • New: Added a setting to refresh the icons in your Password list. Available under Tools > Refresh Website Icons
  • New: Added a button to select all items in a category in a click (PC only)
  • New: Quick-action buttons are displayed when you mouse over credentials in the app (PC only)
  • New: A better visual experience for high DPI screens on Windows (PC only)
  • New: Revamped search results (Mac only)
  • Improved: Major enhancements to speed and performance

That's a huge changelog! We're looking forward to playing around with all the new features. Be sure to grab Dashlane for iOS and Mac Are you a regular Dashlane user? Let us know what you think of the new update down below in the comments!

When signing up for Dashlane, you will get 30 days of premium access for free; after that, you'll have to pick a subscription plan to continue using the service. One year of Dashlane currently costs $29, though you certainly can use Dashlane for free if you just want a password manager and digital wallet. All Dashlane apps are free to download.

Via: Dashlane

Sam Sabri