Dead Trigger 2 coming to iOS and Mac October 23, rocket chickens in tow

After plenty of teasing, the folks at Madfinger Games have announced that Dead Trigger 2 will be hitting the App Store on October 23. If the screenshot above is any indication, the game is retaining its tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, though there's a lot of new stuff happening. 

For one, premium currency and weapons are being ditched in favor of a crafting system. You have your own hideout now where supporting NPCs will hang out. Players worldwide combine efforts for shared missions and rewards. We can expect weekly missions and monthly content updates that take players to new locations all over the world.

If nothing else, the graphics look fantastic and it's still free-to-play. Dead Trigger 2 looks like it's going to take shootin' zombies to the next level -  I mean, c'mon, if rocket chickens isn't innovation, I don't know what is. Any one still chewing on Dead Trigger 1? What would you like to see changed in the sequel?

Source: Madfinger Games

Simon Sage

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