Dear Sonos, please make me headphones!

It's no secret. I freak'n LOVE Sonos. I purchased a few Sonos speakers late in 2012 as a Christmas present to myself. As a result, I listened to more music in 2013 than I did in the last 15 years of my life combined. It made for a happy and productive year. It's just so convenient, it's rock solid in terms of reliability, sounds great and it connects with so many music sources, including my iTunes collection and my favorite streaming service, Songza (which btw, via Sonos is ad free and always works overseas in countries where Songza isn't technically supported).

Most importantly, Sonos is simple to use. Even my fiancée Erika, who has no patience for tech immediately grew to love it. That's a massive test to pass (I've watched her throw a phone at a wall full force out of frustration). Honestly, I wish Sonos was a publicly traded company, as I'd buy stock based on it passing the "Erika test" alone.

And as tends to happen to people who develop the Sonos addiction, I've added to my setup over since I made the first. I bought the Sonos Sub, and I picked up the PlayBar as soon as it launched. I have a couple of Play 1s on order now too which should arrive shortly - they're going in my bathrooms. I can officially turn my condo into a dance club in five seconds flat. At least until 11:30pm, when municipal and condo bylaws kick in and I need to turn down the sound for fear of my neighbors calling cops, which leads to the problem I want Sonos to address and the product I want them to build.

I want Sonos headphones!!

It seems like a no-brainer that Sonos should take their technology and offer Wi-Fi connected Sonos headphones. Just like other Sonos speakers, they would simply act as another Room or Zone within the Sonos app. I know I would buy them. And I'm not the only one.

Before writing this article, I did some quick googling just to see if anything has ever been written about Sonos headphones (while I listened to Sonos music in the background of course), and I came across this thread on Sonos' support forums where another Sonos owner brought up the topic of Sonos headphones, which he proposed to be called Sonos:HP. Many other owners chimed in agreement that it was a good idea. Heck, one owner named Jonathan sounded a little over the top like me and said:

Give me Sonos Headphones or give me death! This is a no brainer!

Along with the agreement by most that Sonos Headphones would be a good idea, other suggestions were also raised. Some think the alternative solution that could prove better would be for Sonos to allow the iPhone to become a connected device in the Sonos network (act as a Room), so that any pair of headphones plugged into an iPhone would play music via Sonos.

This could be a good solution, but it works against Sonos' model to date of locking you into their ecosystem. I'm 100% happy and OK with being locked into Sonos. Some people look at the lock in and lack of openness as a bad thing. Personally, I could care less as long as the experience is awesome. Like I said. Sonos passes the "Erika test". HUGE. 

So on that note. Sonos, if you're listening, please Please PUHLEAZE toss some Sonos headphones onto your product development roadmap if they're not there already. I'll buy them on day one.

CrackBerry Kevin