Here's what a deep-fried iPhone and iPad look like

A new York Arist by the name of Henry Hargreaves has recently unveiled a new installation appropriately dubbed Deep Fried Gadgets, featuring an iPhone and iPad coated in greasy goodness. Unlike some people, artists don't have much of a budget for destroying gadgets, so the ones in this exhibit are just scale models, but it could have easily fooled me. Other subjects include a Macbook, iPod, Game Boy, and an external hard drive. Even if they aren't real gadgets, what could possibly compel someone to toss gadgets to the deep fryer? Hargreaves explains:

I'm really interested in cultural mash-ups; what results when two things that usually wouldn't talk do, and what the outcome is... I liked the unlikely connection between electronics and fast foods: how they are fetishised, consumed and then discarded.

This is reflected in some of his other work, including celebrity portraits made of toast and fancy typography made from bacon. While Deep Fried Gadgets isn't as controversial in the art world as, say, a taxidermied cat turned into a helicopter, it's good to see artists getting creative with their iPhones and and iPads, and not just by using apps on the devices to do their work. Just a few days ago, a promising new project aimed to create composite images by having a bunch of iPad owners coordinate with one another and pose under a camera.

So, who's hungry?

Source: Sydney Morning Herald via MacWorld, Henry Hargreaves

Simon Sage

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