Deliveries app winding down as shipping companies withhold data

Deliveries (Image credit: Deliveries)

What you need to know

  • Deliveries says its app is on the way out.
  • Developer Junecloud says it can't continue to provide the same service to users.
  • That's because it relies on shipping companies to provide data to the app.

Developer Junecloud says its Deliveries app is going to stop working, with more shipping companies pulling out of providing information to users.

Mike Piontek posted this week stating:

Deliveries began as a hobby—it was first released as a Dashboard widget named "Apple Order Status" on January 22, 2006. Over time more services were added, and the name and icon evolved along with it. Eventually it became an iOS app named "Delivery Status touch" on September 19, 2008, shortly after Apple first launched the App Store. When I first created the widget I never imagined I'd still be working on it daily sixteen years later.

Piontek says that sadly, "we're no longer able to maintain the same service that so many of you have come to rely on," stating that Deliveries relies on lots of different shipping companies for its information and that it's not possible to keep the app working without their help.

Going forward, the developer says users will see more and more companies no longer showing tracking information directly in the app, with missing delivery dates, map routes, and other details, as well as an end to notifications about status changes. The only real option users will have is the 'view online' button which will just take them to the company's website.

In resignation, Junecloud says that it understands the change will make the app less useful and that customers "may decide to take a different approach to tracking your packages." It did however say it would continue to try and make the app as useful as possible for those who want to keep using it.

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