Designers recreate Apple Macs using coal, honey, and dirt

Honey Mac
Honey Mac (Image credit: Hank Beyer and Alex Sizemore)

What you need to know

  • Two designers have recreated Macs using materials like dirt and honey in a new exhibition.

Two designers have recreated Apple's most iconic Macs using materials like dirt and honey to highlight "the implications of globalization" and how unconventional materials can change a user's relationship with a product.

As reported by Fast Company:

However, nearly 40 years later, the biggest challenge of building electronics isn't their fit and finish, but their sustainability. It's why Apple has since shifted to recyclable milled aluminum cases for its computers. And why designers Hank Beyer and Alex Sizemore channeled their inner Apple in presenting a series of radically redesigned Macs, encased in more easily sourced local materials such as coal, ice, and honey. The name of the project plays off of Apple's old slogan: For the Rest of Us.

Speaking to the outlet via email, the pair stated they didn't want the project to cause "resentment to globalization" or to suggest they wanted to replace industry or consider new materials only for commercial merit but rather wanted "people to question the implications of globalization, and consider how unconventional materials can change product relationships."

Mac Dirt

Mac Dirt (Image credit: Hank Beyer and Alex Sizemore)

In a style similar to Apple's Mac ads of old, the pair recreated Macintosh computers using materials such as dirt, foliage, limestone, coal, and even honey. Fast Company says that most of the work was done a few years ago when Beyer and Sizemore were students, from the report:

"This historic reference shows up throughout our project in our photography, our models and some of our graphic choices. We did this to differentiate the models from the present, allowing you to look back and imagine an alternate reality," the team writes. However, this alternative history is unconventionally future-forward.

You can see the full collection here.

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