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What you need to know

  • A YouTube battery test of the iPhone SE is out now.
  • It pits Apple's latest phone against the iPhone 11, XR, 8, 7, 6S, and SE of old.
  • Despite having the same battery, the iPhone SE lasts much longer than the previous model.

A new battery test of Apple's brand new iPhone SE has surfaced on YouTube, with some surprising results!

Brandon Butch created a video testing the battery life drain of Apple's latest iPhone SE, and compared it with the iPhone XR, 8, 7, 6s and the old iPhone SE. His video description states:

2020 iPhone SE 2 vs iPhone 11 vs XR vs 8 vs 7 vs 6S vs SE Battery Life DRAIN TEST

Today we're putting the brand new iPhone SE 2 (2020) up against the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S and the first generation iPhone SE in a battery draining test!

The 2020 iPhone SE has the same battery as the iPhone 8, but could its battery last longer than an iPhone 8 with 100% battery capacity?

You may find the iPhone SE 2 battery life results rather interesting. Enjoy!

Brandon is totally right, in that the results are certainly surprising, but in many respects, the iPhone SE performs as expected.

Apple's oldest phones in the test, the iPhone SE, 6s, and 7 were all first to capitulate after a series of tests. Essentially, Brandon ran videos, games, and the iPhones' cameras simultaneously, timing how long the battery lasted.

Shortly after launch, a report suggested that the iPhone SE carried the same 1821 mAH battery from the iPhone 8. Apple's website accordingly notes that the battery should last about the same as the iPhone 8. During this test, however, the new iPhone SE actually lasted a whole hour longer than the iPhone 8, and yes, both batteries had registered 100% health prior to testing.

Of course, the iPhone SE couldn't compete with the vastly larger batteries in the iPhone XR and 11 Pro, but of course, it isn't supposed to. What this test does reveal, however, is that the iPhone SE may well be eeking out significantly more performance in battery life compared to the iPhone 8, despite Apple's claims that performance should be similar.