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What you need to know

  • Thought Detox has you write down your negative thoughts and then throw them away.
  • Time spent working through your thoughts is tracked by the Apple Health app.

We all have negative thoughts from time to time, especially in the middle of a global pandemic. There are all kinds of ways to try and deal with those thoughts and move on and one of those ways is to write them down and throw them away. That's exactly what Thought Detox helps you do, right from your iPhone on iOS 14 and beyond.

Instead of ruminating why not put your negative thoughts into this app and let it do the rest?

Writing down your negative thoughts and then discarding them can help you find peace. Thought Detox is an iPhone app that lets you mindfully work through those most private thoughts, on your most personal device.

Time spent working through your negative thoughts is tracked as mindfulness time by the Apple Health app, helping you keep tabs on how long you're working on yourself.

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  • The simple, peaceful interface keeps you focused on writing.
  • Work through your thoughts in complete privacy: what you write is deleted when you release the thought.
  • Track your time using the app as Mindful Minutes in Apple Health.
  • Add widgets to view the past seven days of Mindful Minutes statistics on your home screen.
  • Integrates with Wind Down, to help you clear your head before bed.

I'm a big fan of anything that helps people deal with their negative thoughts and Thought Detox is an interesting way of doing exactly that. You can download the app from the App Store now for a bargain $2.99.

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