Disney Movies Anywhere lets you watch all of your Disney movies on your iOS device

Disney has released Movies Anywhere, an app for iPad and iPhone that lets you watch your Disney and Marvel movies wherever you are. While you can enter a code found with the DVD or Blu-ray of a Disney movie to get the digital version, Movies Anywhere also encourages you to link your iTunes account to the app. Doing so will add any Disney or Marvel films that you've purchased in the past to your collection within the app. For a limited time, adding your iTunes account will net you a free copy of The Incredibles within the app.

You can browse all of Disney's movies within the app, and they're sorted into several categories, like Pixar, Marvel's Cinematic Universe, Princesses, and more. From a movie's page, you can watch a preview, see more movies like the one you're viewing, and hit a button to bring up the movie's iTunes page so you can purchase it. A badge on the left side of the screen will tell you if the movie has any bonus features. Bonus content in Movies Anywhere often mirrors what you'll find in iTunes Extras, with short films, behind-the-scenes documentaries and more. Below the Preview and Buy buttons, you'll also see how many Disney Reward points the movie is worth, which is generally 150 points for HD movies, and 100 for SD.

Disney Movies Anywhere supports a number of smaller features. Parental controls allow allow parents to restrict movies by rating. There is support for both chapters and subtitles. You can also use AirPlay to view movies on your Apple TV, though you'll need to turn on display mirroring in order to use it. You can limit video streaming to Wi-Fi only if you wish, or allow over both Wi-Fi and cellular. You can also use Movies Anywhere to browse enter Disney Movie Rewards codes.

Disney Movies Anywhere is a free, universal app, available now on the App Store.

Joseph Keller

Joseph Keller is the former Editor in Chief of iMore. An Apple user for almost 20 years, he spends his time learning the ins and outs of iOS and macOS, always finding ways of getting the most out of his iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

  • It's not available here in Canada? It's only USA at this time Sent from the iMore App
  • Not available in the UK either.
  • Appears to be a service outage in the US. Can download, but cannot create an account. Guess there are a lot of people trying to us it for the first time...
  • The other bonus? If you got an SD Digital Copy with a BD purchase? It has been updated to HD for free. I had a total of 17 movies that I am in the process of downloading HD versions of in iTunes that were previously only SD Digital Copies. That is a pretty sweet deal.
  • Discovered this too -- so happy! I had 8 SD movies that I was able to re-download in HD for free. Funny that Captain America isn't there though.
  • Yeah. I thought it was odd that CA, IM1, IM2 and Incredible Hulk weren't listed. Then I remembered, CA, IM1, IM2 were DVD Rips ( :( ) and Incredible Hulk was a DVD. Thinking it is time to upgrade those early MCU films to HD...
  • Same here. Can't login. Sent from the iMore App
  • Does the sync work both ways? All your previous Disney iTunes purchases show up in the app but if you purchase a movie within the app, does it show up as purchased in iTunes on your Mac, in the Videos app on iOS or the purchased tab of Movies on your Apple TV? Or are you now stuck viewing the newly purchased content through the Disney app on an iOS device?
  • Still can't login. Sent from the iMore App
  • This is a great movie app for children! Great way to promote all of the Disney movies. Great move by Disney! Sent from the iMore App