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Best answer: No. The MacBook Pro (late-2020) does not have a touch screen. Like the rest of Apple's new M1-powered Macs, the new MacBook Pro features pretty much the same external hardware as its predecessor, and that includes a screen without touch support.

Still no touch screens?

Nope. None of Apple's computers have a touch screen. This includes all of the new ones announced at the November 2020 Apple Event: MacBook Air, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Pro has the brand new Apple silicon chip, the M1. This makes the new MacBook Pro more powerful and more efficient than previous models. You can get up to 17 hours of web browsing and 20 hours video playback from a single battery charge. Storage options include 256GB, 528GB, 1TB, or 2TB. For RAM, you get two options: 8GB or 16GB unified memory. Like earlier models, you get a Touch Bar, which is the closest thing you can get on a Mac to a touch screen. There are two Thunderbolt ports with USB 4 support to peripherals like Apple's Pro Display XDR with 6K resolution.

Apple touch screen options

If you really want to touch your screen, you might consider an iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard with Trackpad. Although it won't do everything a MacBook Pro will do, it does offer you the flexibility to switch between typing and touching your screen. You can use your finger or an Apple Pencil. While we won't claim that an iPad will serve as a MacBook replacement, there are certainly tasks that can be done on either device.

Apple silicon

Macbook Pro 2020 13 Inch Silicon Render Cropped

MacBook Pro 13-inch

M1 chip

This is Apple's most powerful and efficient MacBook Pro yet, but it does not have a touch screen.

Touch screen

Ipad Pro 11 Space Gray Side

iPad Pro

Go ahead, touch

The iPad Pro's gorgeous screen begs to be touched. Add a keyboard and you can get pretty close to the laptop experience.

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