Does the Samsung POWERbot R7070 pet vacuum really clean up after your pets?

Does the Samsung POWERbot R7070 pet vacuum really clean up after your pets?

Best answer: Yep! The POWERbot R7070 offers 40x more suction than a standard vacuum, smart room mapping technology to ensure an efficient clean, and a self-cleaning brush to prevent hair getting tangled in the brush, making this one of the best vacuums you can buy to clean up after your furry friends.Amazon: Samsung POWERbot R7070 Pet Robot Vacuum ($500)

Clean all of the things

In the endless search for the perfect housekeeper, some do it themselves, some choose a maid service, and some choose to buy a robot. While we're not quite at The Jetsons level yet, (and sadly we can't all have an Alice to do the housework for us) robotic vacuums have come quite a long way in their ability to make keeping a house clean that much easier. While Roomba is probably the most well known robovac brand in the U.S., there are several other great companies that have developed compelling products, including Samsung.

The Samsung POWERbot R7070 Pet Robot Vacuum — yes that's the actual name — is one of the better options on the market right now. It offers many of the same things its competitors do, including smart room cleaning. This essentially means that the built-in sensors on the robot will keep it from running into furniture and walls. It'll also create a map of the room and analyze it to find the most effective cleaning path through it.

The Samsung POWERbot R7070 is one of the better options on the market right now.

It also offers Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to schedule not only when you want to clean, but what mode you want to use and what specific suction level you would like. Once everything is connected to your home Wi-Fi network, you can control the POWERbot through your smartphone or tablet, Alexa, Google Assistant, or Bixby (Samsung's own virtual assistant software).

Samsung does promise two somewhat unique features that make this a great choice for homes with pets in the house. This first is 40x more suction that a standard, human-operated vacuum. After a little research, it does seem that most owners have noticed a strong increase in cleaning power from this vacuum.

The second thing the R7070 offers is a self-cleaning brush. They say that the vacuum is able to "automatically detangle and remove pet hair that collects around the brush." That sounds pretty great in theory and from what I can tell from reviews, it actually works. It's not perfect, but it's better than having to clean it yourself ever time it vacuums. Lastly, the filter is washable making the cleaning process even smoother.

Pet hair is notoriously some of the hardest mess to clean. Even if you have one pet, the amount of hair seems to always pile up and it can feel like you're vacuuming constantly. With the POWERbot, which markets itself towards people with pets, all the features seem to add up to a hair-free household. You can set it to vacuum whenever you want, you can focus on rooms that your pet frequents, and the self-cleaning brush makes maintenance much easier.

Jason Cockerham