Does Sonos One work with Apple TV?

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Does Sonos One work with Apple TV?

Play your favorite tunes, podcasts, and more from your TV

When you connect your Sonos One to AirPlay 2, it will automatically show up as a speaker option in your Apple TV settings. You can then select it to stream audio from your Sonos One. Whether you're listening to Apple Music, watching YouTube videos, or streaming your favorite action sci-fi flick on Netflix, any sound piping from your Apple TV will flow through your Sonos One. If you want more information on how this all works, you can read our write-up here.

With Apple TV, you can stream music, podcasts, audiobooks, radio stations, and more. You don't have to just watch movies and TV shows. You can have Apple TV on in the living room playing your favorite podcast while listening to it in the kitchen through your Sonos One speaker.

You can also connect different AirPlay supported speakers to your Apple TV at the same time. If, for example, you have a Sonos One and two HomePods, you can use all three at the same time connected to your Apple TV.

Flexibility to go anywhere

Because the Sonos One is small (smaller than the rest of the Airplay 2-supported Sonos line), it's much easier to move it around from room to room. You can set up multiple Sonos One speakers throughout your living room for a surround-sound style experience or spread them across different rooms for a whole-house dance party.

It's the Sonos One's flexibility that makes it a worthwhile investment in your home theater system.

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