Will Sonos wireless speakers work with my computer?

Once you have placed Sonos speakers around your home like an audio fairy sprinkling sonic pixie dust, it's time to use them to their fullest!

Why control your Sonos with your computer?

You can enjoy quality audio in any room of your home or office with a Sonos speaker in it. Sonos will use your Wi-Fi to set up a secure wireless network called SonosNet. Once created, this network exists outside of Wi-Fi and will be used to communicate with other Sonos devices in your home and with any phones, tablets, or computers with the Sonos Controller app downloaded.

While you may think controlling audio on your phone or tablet is enough, consider adding the Sonos Controller to your computer. This will let you access music you have on your computer to play on the Sonos devices throughout your home, switch input sources on speakers, create playlists and more.

The Sonos Controller works great on both Mac and PC, so no matter what side of the technological trench you're on, your Sonos will work with your computer!

Can I control my Sonos devices from my computer?

You can control all the Sonos devices in your home from your Mac or PC, but first you need to install the right software.

Once installed and set up on your computer, you will be able to do some pretty cool things with your Sonos sound system and computer:

  • Play music from your computer through your Sonos sound system.
  • Add and play music from supported streaming services on your Sonos sound system.
  • Control playback, skip tracks, and create playlists.
  • Create and manage groups, which determine what music plays in which rooms of your home.
  • Adjust EQ settings of audio playback.
  • Switch to a device plugged into the line input on the back of support Sonos devices (note, you can only play and stop, and control the volume of these devices, not skip between tracks).
  • Set alarms.
  • Adjust sleep settings (auto-turn off music after a certain length).
  • Manage account and Sonos preferences.

As you eventually add more Sonos speakers to your system (and you probably will because it becomes addictive) you can manage your whole network right from your computer.

Sound Off!

The Sonos Controller for Mac and PC is an excellent dashboard to use and manage your music through your Sonos speaker system. You can connect multiple computers to the same Sonos sound system, so everyone in the house can contribute to creating playlists and access the music available on different streaming services using only one account. By downloading and installing the Sonos Controller, you can easily manage your musical library for every room in the house.

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