Does the Withings Move have GPS?

Does the Withings Move have GPS?

Best answer: When used with a smartphone, the Withings Move does offer GPS capabilities.Buy it: Withings Move ($70 at Amazon)Another alternative: Withings Steel HR (from $180 at Amazon)

Connected GPS

Like other Withings products, the Withings Move fitness watch uses Connected GPS. This tool means that when you're running or performing another type of exercise, you're able to track the route you have covered on a map in the Health Mate app for iOS or Android. Additional workout metrics such as duration, distance, and pace are displayed in real time during the workout on your phone.

To use Connected GPS, you need to press the side button on your Withings Move until it vibrates. Once you do, the watch will switch to a chronometer with the minute hand showing the seconds and the hour hand showing the minutes of your workout. You can alternate between the chronometer and time by pressing the button two times.

At the end of the workout, press the button until it vibrates, which we end the Connected GPS. The tool works with all distance-based outdoor activities such as walking, running, biking, and canoeing. After your workout, you'll receive a notification to open the Health Mate app.

From there, you'll see the results of the activity, including its duration, workout intensity, distance, pace, and calories burned. Because your Withings Move can automatically detect 13 activities, it's likely it has already selected the correct one to record. Otherwise, you can change it in the app, selecting from a list of 30 activities.

Again, to use the Withings Move's Connected GPS feature requires that your smartphone is nearby and connected through Bluetooth. Your phone's location settings must also be activated with the "energy mode" turned off. Connected GPS has no effect on the Withings Move's battery life; the wearable device works for up to 18 months before its battery needs replaced.

What else does the Withings Move do?

Besides exercise tracking, the Withings Move can also keep track of your daily sleep information. With these metrics as a starting point, you can use the Health Mate app to find wellness programs, and also to keep track of data collected from other Withings products including scales, blood pressure monitors, and sleep devices.

For a step up

If you like the look of the Withings Move and its list of features, but also want heart rate monitoring, consider the Withings Steel HR. The wearable device can keep track of your pulse in real-time. The Withings Steel HR also includes the ability to receive smartphone notifications through its embedded digital screen. You can also add a vibration for these alerts from the Health Mate app. Steel HR supports calls, texts, events, and all your favorite apps.

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