Best answer: No. Unfortunately, the old Fitbit Versa charger is not compatible with the Versa 2.

Not compatible with the Versa 2

Surprised? We're not. It's a move that we've unfortunately come to expect from many consumer electronics companies, including Fitbit. Consumers who purchase the next generation Fitbit device often have to upgrade their accessories, specifically the chargers. Fitbit has a history of dramatically changing their devices from generation to generation (often several years apart). With these changes come differences in the size and design of their proprietary chargers. The transition from the Versa / Versa Lite to the Versa 2 is no different in this regard.

The physical casing of the Versa 2 is slightly taller and slightly wider than the previous versions (1.57 inches vs 0.95 inches tall and 1.57 inches vs. 1.34 inches wide). Because of this, the new device is a tad oversized for the previous charging cradle. Sadly, you'll need to purchase a new charger if you want a backup for the office or traveling purposes.

Thankfully Fitbit has made the bands interchangable between the Fitbit Versa, Versa Lite, and Versa 2. Any old bands that you may have will fit on the newer model, so that's progress!

Are there cheaper options?

While the price of the first-party Versa chargers are not expensive on the Fitbit website, you have always been able to get reliable chargers for cheaper on sites like Amazon. We were unable to find any third-party Versa 2 chargers on Amazon right now, but we expect those to become available very soon. However, you can still find really good deals on chargers that work with the Versa and Versa Lite, and often in multi-packs.

Something new

Fitbit Versa 2 Charging Cable

Keep your Versa 2 powered up

This slim charging cradle securely charges your Versa 2 smartwatch and plugs into any USB charging device.

Previous generation

Fitbit Versa and Versa Lite Charging Cable

Works for the original and lite versions

This charging cradle maintains compatibility between the previous Versa models.

Affordable bundle

QIBOX Compatible Fitbit Versa Charger 2-Pack

Double your value

There are many third-party chargers on Amazon, but the QIBOX are some of the top-rated. This version comes with two chargers for the price of one on the Fitbit site.

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