DomiNations launches on the iPhone and iPad for all your world conquest needs

Here's what players can expect from this new far-reaching strategy game:

DomiNations is a base-building strategy game where players will choose to lead one of the world's greatest nations including the British, Romans, Chinese, Germans, French, Japanese, and Greeks. The timeline of DomiNations unfolds across the expanse of human history, where players must research landmark technological developments, leverage unique strategic civilization abilities, and build Wonders of the World in order to pave their way to victory. With famous generals like Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, and Napoleon at the helm, players can relive history's most famous conflicts at the tips of their fingers.In DomiNations, players will be able to construct more than 100 unique upgradeable structures in order to expand a civilization and defend against invading armies. Players must manage their food and economy while training troops and hiring mercenaries to colonize neighboring civilizations in real-time combat to expand their influence and earn valuable loot. The robust single-player experience in DomiNations will lead players on a campaign from the Fertile Crescent to World War II and beyond. The multiplayer mode will let players wage war against opponents from around the world while also joining alliances to cooperatively crush their enemies.

The development of DomiNations, which was first announced in October, was led by Brian Reynolds and Tim Train, who helped to design the classic PC strategy games Civilization II and Alpha Centauri. The two men later co-founded Big Huge Games where they developed the Rise of Nations titles for the PC. After working at Zynga for a few years, Reynolds and Train reformed Big Huge Games to create DomiNations for Nexon.

Source: Nexon

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