DomiNations ratchets up the conflict with massive multiplayer battles

Big Huge Games is pushing out a massive update, appropriately titled World War, for popular strategy game DomiNations. The content patch brings a new 50 vs 50 team-based multiplayer mode, new units, and much, much more.

The meat of this big update is no doubt the addition of the new multiplayer mode. Teams of up to 50 players can go head-to-head in a two-day battle for territory over a map of the globe. The battle is split into two phases, with the first day spent planning your strategy with teammates, and the second spent engaging in no holds barred warfare. Players in each team can donate troops to one another and strategize together by scouting enemy bases. Each player is allowed to attack twice, earning up to five stars per base, and the total number of stars at the end of the action determines which team is the victor.

Big Huge Games says that the update also contains some new defensive units, including a new command post structure that deploys civilization-specific defenders. Players can also use the War Base and map editor in the multiplayer mode to place pre-configured strongholds onto the world map.

If you'd like to check out all of what's new in the latest update to DomiNations, you can grab the game from the App Store link below.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster