DoomSource: Bethesda

What you need to know

  • Doom and Doom II now support 60 fps.
  • Support for add-ons has also been added.
  • That includes unofficial add-ons, too.

Bethesda has updated its Doom and Doom II iOS games with support for 60 FPS gaming. Previously the games were limited to 35 FPS, but that has now been lifted.

The company also confirmed that support for add-ons has been added, with unofficial add-ons also working according to Bethesda.

Add-ons refers to the free content we're to rolling out to our latest releases of DOOM and DOOM II. These are some of the best professionally made and community content created for these games over the last 25+ years, all available to you, for free, on all six supported platforms.

We've curated the initial list and will be asking you guys for your picks for best community made wads soon! At launch we have some exciting ones for you.

On both DOOM and DOOM II you'll find TNT: Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment, the two map packs that constituted the retail Final DOOM release. Together those alone represent over 60 levels of gameplay! On DOOM, you'll see SIGIL, an original campaign created by legendary designer John Romero. And with DOOM II you'll also find No Rest for the Living, a map pack created by our friends at Nerve Software for the original XBLA release.

There are other improvements to enjoy in these updates, too. The release notes mention a new aspect ratio option that stretches the game vertically to mimic the 4:3 aspect ratio of the original game, for example. A quick safe and load feature has also been implemented as has a new level select option.

Both Doom and Doom II can be downloaded from the App Store and they cost $4.99 apiece.

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