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What you need to know

  • Popular music player Doppler just gained listening reports so you'll know what your favorite songs are.

While tons of people stream their music from the likes of Apple Music and Spotify, that doesn't mean that everyone does. For those who like to buy their music, there's Doppler – and Doppler 2.2 just landed with a big feature that was previously only available to those who streamed their tunes.

Listening reports are exactly what they sound like they should be and they work similarly to those you've probably seen from streaming services. Except Doppler users won't have their data go anywhere – everything happens on-device.

Doppler 22 Listening Report ScreenshotSource: Brushed Type

The yearly report breaks down how much time you've spent listening to music and shows you your top artists, albums and songs. At the end of the listening report, you can also generate a digital poster of the info to share with friends.

Anyone who wants to run a report right now will be able to get data going back to January 2019 and that data will only grow the longer you use the app. Come this time next year, you'll have a whole extra year of data to enjoy. But it does mean you won't be able to escape that infatuation with that band nobody knows you like.

The Doppler 2.2 update is free for existing users. Everyone else can download it from the App Store right now, priced at just $9.99.

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