Dorm decorations and essentials: Homekit lights, smart speakers, and more

If you're anything like us, you want to fill your university dorm room with all the decorations and as much useful stuff as you possibly can - dorm rooms are generally pretty boring, after all. Usually, they come equipped with naught more than a bed and, if you're really, really lucky, a desk. Thankfully, you've got the whole school year to fill your room with everything from smart lights and LED strips to revision aids and projectors. Either way, you're going to want some gadgets - here are some of the coolest.

If you were one of those unlucky enough not to get a desk in your dorm room, then we have you covered with the best dorm desks, and then the best office chairs on a budget to make sure there's something comfortable to sit on.

If we could only get two…

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We'd start off with the WEWATCH projector (opens in new tab) so that we can have a massive screen in a smaller space. You might need to dim the lights for it to excel truly, but it'll make everything you watch on it look pretty great. We've also seen some other cool uses of one - some use theirs as an atmospheric window to different locations when their own is boring, making a really relaxing space.

Our second pick would be the HomePod Mini (opens in new tab) - yes, we are Apple fanatics, so of course, we'd choose the Apple product, but it's really, really good. It gets plenty loud enough for get-togethers, and it looks great to boot. It can act as a good Siri hub for all your other HomeKit devices as well, so if we were to start anywhere, it would be here.