Dorm decorations and essentials: Homekit lights, smart speakers, and more

When you arrive at University and get that first glimpse at your dorm room, it can be both equal parts exciting as it is very plain. Those undecorated walls, that lack of anything you actually want to use - a blank canvas for you to fill during your time at College. Of course, working out what you want to put in that space is almost as daunting as arriving at Uni in the first place - do you start with lights? A new TV? A new console? As almost unanimously College and University Alumni, we've all had the experience of not knowing what to put in our dorm rooms, and we've compiled a massive list so that you have the perfect place to start. There's everything here from the coolest smart lights to super useful smart revision aids.

If you were one of those unlucky enough not to get a desk in your dorm room, then we have you covered with the best dorm desks, and then the best office chairs on a budget to make sure there's something comfortable to sit on.

If we could only get two…

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Or first pick would have to be the Sony WH-1000XM4. They are a stunning pair of headphones that will block out all the noise around you, and let you get on with your work without being disturbed. They're built like tanks and sound pretty good to boot. Keep that movie night private with these bad boys, or make bus and train journeys just that little bit more relaxing by blocking out the noise around you.

Our second must-have is the iPad Mini. It's perfect for watching TV in bed with its smaller screen and powerful little chip. It's also great for taking notes during lectures, so you'll have something always on you to get a little work done as well.

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