Dropbox app updated for iOS 9 with Spotlight support, 3D Touch menu and more

Dropbox has updated its iOS app, adding support for the newly launched iOS 9, including a 3D Touch menu, support for the Spotlight feature and more.

If you are getting the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus later this month, you will be able to use the Dropbox 3D Touch menu:

Press down on the Dropbox app icon, and a menu of quick actions will pop up. There you'll be able view your most recent file, jump to your offline files, upload a photo, or search your Dropbox. It's a quick and easy way to take some of the most common actions in Dropbox.Once you're in the Dropbox app, you can use 3D Touch to Peek into a file or folder. Lightly press a file name for a preview, or a folder for a peek at its contents. And if you want to Pop from a preview into the full file or folder, just press a little deeper.

Dropbox files will also show up in Spotlight searches in iOS 9, and a new action menu will show up when users press the down arrow icon in any file or folder.

Source: Dropbox

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